PAI Clinic

What are the best options you can avail at PAI Clinic?

It´s the best clinic where patients can avail to keep up the good look for your figure! Whether patients are looking for the best clinical exposure or they are trying to get the best figure, the PAI clinic can really offer you some of the most amazing treatments in the cosmetic surgery segment. It´s the PAI clinic that comprises of three floor building and each of the section is having their own functionality. At the first floor patients can get the consultation and at the second floor patients will get the recovery section. At the third floor patients can find the surgery room.

PAI clinic and their profession

PAI ClinicThe medical profession is one of most successful as well as advanced in Thailand. Lots of doctors undertake the specialist training abroad, mainly United States as well as Europe, are equally as qualified as doctors in West. It made Thailand the top locations for the medical tourism in world. PAI clinic is leader in the Thailand’s booming the medical tourism industry and hospital is been preferred by a lot of expats, residents as well as tourists from all over the world. Internationally accredited hospital gives you 30 specialty centers as well as 554 beds. The health care experts comprise of around 945 doctors and more than 700 nurses in the 55 specialties. The facilities include 4 kinds of the ICU, rehab center, emergency room, radiation therapy, plastic surgery center, as well as fitness center. The surgical services cover the cardiac operations, interventional radiology, endoscopy, and many more. PAI clinic claims to treat one million patients each year.

Do they offer you want you need in terms of service?

These about 400,000 are the medical tourists from overseas and I am not very sure how accurate the figures are, however I have also seen myself that a lot of patients are from the neighboring countries such as India & Pakistan, as well as Middle East. And thanks to aggressive public team, PAI clinic is covered by the western media many times and it is featured in the programs such as 60 Minutes as well as the Today Show and publications Time & Newsweek. Not able to depend on the state healthcare systems, and people in a lot of parts of world need to resort to the private resources for operations as well as treatments that they need. The private healthcare in West is expensive, for a few, prohibitively so.

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