Naravee Clinic

What are the special features of  Naravee Clinic ?

Naravee ClinicThe philosophy of performing can offer more than what the patient require or want. Naravee Clinic  is offering some of the best services on patient´s demand and also providing peace to mind for the patient´s. The cost added for these services are really low and it suits any budget. The surgeons of  Naravee Clinic are striving hard to offer excellent and specially stipulated medical services. These are the most excellent format of medical services which you cannot get anywhere. These days, so many people out there are moving for Naravee   in order to get the best results for their required surgeries. Surgeons in Naravee   are really caring and the staffs too. Naravee Clinic  seems to be committed enough to offer the best medical services and using modern medicines that can offer expertise International treatments.  Also, reasonable prices, as well as care in each step of surgery, make the clinic spreading very wide to know in Udomsuk & Bangna area. At 2551, the clinic has changed name to the “Naravee Clinic” as well as move to Udomsuk because of new location & building. Naravee Clinic has four storey as well as modern with the spacious purpose for serving needs of the plastic surgery and other surgery.

Naravee Clinic

The clinic keep ahead to widely of the plastic surgery have to international standards as well as expand to international. Naravee Clinic lives dialy with the “New Philosophy of the Liposuction” by the VASER Hi-def.  State of art body sculpting Hi-def method as well as various surgical as well as non surgical cosmetic treatments are done at the clinic at Bangkok. Overseas the patients will get the body as well as facial image corrected at clinic. The facial & body sculpting surgical treatments such as rhinoplasty as well as abdominoplasty are done. The non surgical facial rejuvenation & blemish removal are all provided at clinic.

Clinic is contacted by the telephone & email and overseas patients are been chauffeured to hotel & later to hospital. Healthcare in Thailand is normally considered as adequate and below is a few useful advice to the visitors, all along with the information about the  Naravee Clinic services at present available in the Thailand. Doctors, dentists as well as opticians are willingly available in the Thailand. Staff are very trained with 10 to 15 years of experience in the healthcare for serve, help as well as give you the support to patients. Naravee Clinic plastic specialist with the expertise as well as experience gained by over 20 years in domestic & international. Prof. begin opening surgical clinic called as the “Kannika Clinic”.

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