Samitivej Hospital

Is the Samitivej Hospital suitable for every patient?

Yes, the Samitivej Hospital is providing high quality medical service in the lower cost in Thai regaion. Due to this reason the patients can receive suitable results in affordable and safely! In case of other the patients provide much more but can┬┤t receive satisfactory result according to their desire. Also the processing of the hospital is much faster that the patients never required for more time for their turn.

Samitivej HospitalThailand is one of the best travel destinations in the world map, so the patients can receive more enjoyable movement during their surgical process. In this regard the most of the outside patients are prefer to move towards the Samitivej Hospital in the vacation time for dual purpose. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is a part of Samitivej Hospital, the leading hospital groups at Thailand. Samitivej Sukhumvit has comprehensive variety of the facilities as well as service from the cosmetic to tertiary care. Also, with 270 beds, and 87 examination suites, more than 400 specialists, and more than 1,200 caregivers, hospital has been recognized as the comprehensive service of choice for the locals, expatriates as well as tourists.

Hospital’s variety of the high technology medical tool, complemented with the skilled team of the caregivers as wellas specialists has performed successfully the complex surgery from the open heart to the liver transplant. Hospital is equipped from the digital imaging to latest 64slice CT Scan. Hospital’s international department is available to help foreign patients & visitors.

Heart institute is been dedicated exclusively to continuum of the care from diagnosis, prevention, treatment by rehabilitation of the heart and vascular troubles

Liver & Digestive Institute

* Diagnose & treat all pancreas, liver, as well as gallbladder diseases

* Diagnose & treat digestive diseases & disorders.

Oncology Clinic and IV Team Unit

Orthopedic Surgery Clinic

Samitivej Hospital Minimally Bone & Joint Center gives care for a wide variety of the patients, as follows:

* Broken bones and displaced joints from the accidents

* Joint inflammation that is resulting from gout & rheumatoid

* Slipped disk, which puts some pressure on spinal nerve

* Kids that have congenial clubfoot, bow legs, or flat-foot

* Microsurgery for the knee joint and shoulder joint

* Joint replacement in knee & hip

* Customization shoes to make the service to correct and treat bone as well as joint disorder in kids.

Samitivej Hospital – Patients Can Satisfy Their Dual Wish!