Breast Lift Thailand

What is breast lift Thailand ?

It is an advanced medical technology through which the surgeon can correct the patient´s breast complication properly. With the breast lift Thailand the surgeon will increase the breast size and shape, and also helping to maintain an accurate breast size. In the treatment, the patient will move under general anesthesia. It will take 2 to 3 hrs for accomplishing the job properly. At Thailand, the breast lift Thailand can be performed under high end medical technologies, and it can be used by the experience surgeon of Thailand. Now, there are many ways available through which the patient can get more information about the breast life successfully.

How does breast lift Thailand  surgery actually work?

There are 2 types of the mastopexy procedures – full mastopexy for the large, and sagging breasts as well as concentric or else “doughnut” mastopexy for the minimal sagging on the small breasts.  Full mastopexy needs incision around areola, verticle incision down to breast fold & often the “anchor” incision in breast fold itself.  And this also allows for maximum amount of the skin being removed and thus maximum results.  The concentric mastopexy also involves incision around areola.

Is Breast Lift Thailand surgery very safe?

Though breast lift Thailand  method is improved during last some years, with any of the surgical procedure, that carries a few risk.  The possible risks also include infection, bleeding, blood clots and adverse reactions to the anesthesia.   It is thus advisable to follow very closely all the directions given from the surgeon before & after the surgery. You can consult with the doctor as well as know about possible complications & risks that are associated with breast lift Thailand  surgery.

Who is good candidate for the breast lift Thailand procedure?

Effects of gravity, breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss and weight gain will affect firmness of breasts whereas causing them droop. The breast lift Thailand  surgery restores firmness of breasts when tightening & reshaping surrounding tissues. And any female who is not very happy with firmness of breast will select to have the breast lift Thailand surgery for enhancing self image. In case, you feel your nipples are now pointing downwards that you may benefit from the surgery. During the initial consultation, doctor can review medical history & determine whether the breast lift surgery is best choice for changes you want to see.

How much time it takes to recover?

Normally, breasts can continue to heal 3 months after the surgery though you can return to the work in week´s time. The breasts are sore for some days following procedure & you must also continue with the light activity for 2 to 3 weeks.