Face Surgery Thailand

What is face surgery Thailand ?

Face Surgery Thailand

At present, it´s the demand for face surgery Thailand is really high, because face surgery Thailand is one of the excellent options for those patients who are suffering from damaged face. During the treatment, the surgeon will remove all scarring, and sagging skin from the face of patient. This technique has been performed widely at Thailand region so that patient can get perfect result for their complications. The face surgery Thailand can be performed under the finest medical instrument. Now, there are many patients who prefer to move for Thailand for correcting the face complications through this method and want to lead a healthy life.

Am I Good Candidate for Facelift Procedure?

At the Plastic Surgery Thailand, best facelift candidates are the patients who want to reduce te sagging skin in face & neck. The good candidates have certain degree of the elasticity left in skin as well as strong bone structure. Also, there are a few restrictions with procedure, thus please consult doctor to find out in case facelift is perfect for you.

Please share with doctor in case, you have any diabetes, the poor circulation, lung or else liver disease, smoke, and have family history of the blood clots, and take some medications, since it might increase the risk during procedure.

What Happens During the Facelift Procedure?

During the facelift procedure in Plastic Surgery Thailand, doctor can hide incisions in the front of & behind ears. Doctor can then tighten facial skin, and tighten the sagging muscles, as well as remove the excess skin folds. The sutures are then strategically placed on edges of facial bones as well as along hairline.

The facelift is totally customized, and doctor can choose the specific techniques to accommodate unique needs. Placement of the incisions, amount of the skin removed, direction of the stretching, as well as direction of the incisions might vary. The central facelift is done to target area from top of cheekbones to corners of mouth. The face neck lift includes lower face & neck area and complete facelift targets each area from cheeks to bottom of a neck.

You might as well choose to have the eyelid surgery as well as brow lift at a same time for dramatically youthful change.

How Long Does Facelift Treatment Take?

The routine facelift normally takes from 2 to 4 hours, that depends on candidate.

When I can Return to the Work Following Facelift?

At the Plastic Surgery Thailand, most of facelift patients select to return to the work one to two weeks the post surgery.

How Long is Recovery Period Following Facelift?

Following the facelift treatment from the Plastic Surgery Thailand, doctor can apply the facial bandages. Also, there are a few swelling & bruising that will take 1 to 6 weeks to fade.

Face Surgery Thailand

Face Surgery Thailand – Reshape the Damaged Face!