Cheek Implant Thailand

What is cheek implant Thailand ?

Cheek implant Thailand  is a common surgical procedure perform to strengthen patient´s facial structure and also to correct a deficient cheek.  Cheek implant is also known as cheek augmentation. This surgery will provide a fleshy lower face to the patient. This procedure will help the patient to improve the bony features of face.  It is a very simple procedure what provides permanent and satisfied result to the patient. The success of this surgery depends on the skill of the surgeon and the type of implant they use. The doctors of Thailand are quite expert in cheek surgery.


This is the surgery where projection of malar area and cheek is increased. Surgery removes deficient bony prominence & supports drooping of the soft tissues. In order to achieve desired results surgeon normally implants the synthetic silastic materials of various shapes & sizes, bone on the lay grafts and bone cut might as well get used. There are a lot of good results that the Cheek Implant Thailand will give like:

* Softens angles of face to give youthful appearance

* Removes the harsh and gaunt appearance because of malar deficiencies, asymmetries and bony structure and age

* Creates proportioned & prominent cheek bone for making skin on face look supple

What is length of  Cheek Implant Thailand surgery ?

In the normal course Cheek Implant Thailand surgery takes under one hour.

Who is candidate for the Cheek implant Thailand  Surgery?

Every person having the congenital defects, malar deficiencies, inherited bony structure and being aged is candidate for the Cheek Implant Thailand  surgery. Around 18 years is minimum age that is needed for undergoing the surgery, however a few people also get rid of baby fat late early twenties. It is sensible to go for the surgery when face has matured fully.

How is Cheek Implant Thailand surgery done?

First step for this kind of the surgery is having the detailed consultation with surgeon to confirm about which shape & size of cheek can suit you best. Whereas women wish to have softer & rounder cheeks enhancing feminine charms, and men on other hand want chiseled look and angular cheek for getting perfect masculine appearance. During surgery patient is anesthetized and small incision is then made in area where implants are placed. Incision is normally made in fold below lower eyelashes and inside upper lips. After that, surgeon goes on to make the pocket where implants are placed. After this pocket is stitched with solid tissue to make sure that cheek stays in place.

What does patient expect from Cheek implant Thailand?

The cheek implant Thailand gives patients with the proportionate cheek bones for making face look balanced & attractive.

Cheek Implant Thailand – Improving facial structure!