chemical peel Thailand

What is chemical peel Thailand ?

It is also known as chemexfoliation or derma peeling. Chemical peel Thailand is the method of eliminating the superficial layer of the skin applying various types of acid solutions. With the help of this treatment, the patient can feel their face skin smoother, wrinkles free, far less prominent of aging acne, superficial scars, and blackheads.  During the treatment time, the surgeon will apply chemical solutions to the most affected area of the face. After the chemical can effectively remove the layer of patient´s face, and also it can remove the dead and sagging skin on the face successfully.

How must I prep skin before chemical peel Thailand ?

Many weeks before chemical peel Thailand treatment, you may have to prep the skin by cleansing that two times in a day, applying moisturizer once and twice daily, as well as applying sunscreen daily. Prepping skin before procedure can help skin to peel evenly, reduce risk of the infection as well as other complications like uneven skin color, as well as amp healing process after peel. It is very important that you consult with the qualified cosmetic surgeon for determining precise skin care regiment before chemical peel Thailand .

How is chemical peel Thailand done?

Most of the chemical peel Thailand treatments start with prepping skin either with the skin care treatments and with the microdermabrasion. The licensed expert can scrub the skin and make use of mild toner for removing any oils prior to gently applying the layers of acidic solution peel away aged surface of a skin. That depends on procedure, solution is then left on face for some period before product is been removed. After that, your skin is wiped clean & antibacterial cream is applied to help with the comfort & healing.

What is recovery time for the chemical peel Thailand ?

The recovery time after chemical peel Thailand is totally dependant on type of the peel. After the chemical peel Thailand treatment, your skin might feel tight and sunburned. Proper skin care regimen is very important to speed healing process, improve the results, prevent infections, as well as skin color changes. Cleansing, and moisturizing, by using the sunscreen are recommended after chemical peel. You can avoid sun exposure during early healing period. Additionally, don´t try the excessive facial expressions for some days after procedure that will lead to tearing & bleeding of skin. Don´t peel off loose skin, since this will result in the scarring.

What are risks of the chemical peel Thailand ?

Whereas side effects are very rare, the chemical peels are been associated with a few risk. The deeper peels normally increase chances of the side effects as well as complications including:

* Redness

* Crusting or scaling of the skin

* Swelling

* Scarring

* Allergic reaction

* Infection

* Increased sunlight sensitivity

* Hypo or hyperpigmentation

* Heart, liver, and kidney failure

Chemical Peel Thailand – Need for All Patients!