Hair Transplant Thailand

What is hair transplant Thailand ?

It is one of the best surgical options for those patients who are suffering from baldness. The hair loss can occur due to different types of reasons. The surgeon will correct the patient´s baldness through this treatment according to the patient´s complications. The hair transplant Thailand can be done under general anesthesia and it can be performed by the well qualified surgeon. It is one of the best surgical options for levitating face appearance successfully. The hair transplant Thailand is also known as grafts transplanting. There are many options available through which the patient can get more information about the hair transplant Thailand.

Do medications that are planned to control or else defeat the hair loss actually work?

There are many medications that are all FDA approved for treating androgenetic pattern hair loss, that includes Minoxidil (the brand name Rogaine) that is topical medication for men & women, which is been applied twice day, as well as Finasteride (Propecia), pill intended for the men and taken one time in a day. Whereas these medications will slow down as well as stop altogether progression of the hair loss on back of your head, effectiveness is also limited less than 2/3 of all the men get the results. The surgical hair restoration, and hair transplantation, is only permanent solution for the hair loss.

What do you mean by Androgenetic Alopecia?

Androgenetic Alopecia is most common type of the hair loss & is well known readily in the men as the male pattern baldness . Also, it is progressive disease that, when started, worsens with the age. Also, there are many factors that lead to onset of the condition, and that includes genetics, age, as well as presence of male hormone dihydrotestosterone.

What do you mean by Hair Transplant Thailand?

The hair transplantation is surgical treatment that involves removal of the hairs from the donor areas, back & sides of head that are transplanted to some other areas, which are thinning and balding. As, hairs removed from donor area are not at all susceptible to the baldness, they can continue to grow for lifetime when transplanted. The follicular unit grafting is modern & state of art procedure for the hair transplantation, also only procedure that doctor performs. The hair grows in groupings of 1 to 3, and at times four, hairs that are need follicular units. The grafts are individually cut in microscope, and 2500 of the grafts are transplanted during the single procedure that generally lasts between three to six hours.

How painful is procedure?

Virtually all patients report hair restoration process involves little, in case, any, discomfort. We can painlessly deliver the anesthesia with new computerized device well known as Wand, and patients are offered pill to help them to relax.

Hair Transplant Thailand – Get Rid of Hair Loss!