Labiaplasty Thailand

What is Labiaplasty Thailand?

Labiaplasty Thailand is an advanced surgical process required to decrease length and size of the women sex organ. Due to this problem, the women are feeling discomfort during their sexual hours. In a very simple way the surgeon can reduced the fold skin from the sexual organ with the help of Labiaplasty Thailand process.  The process is required one to two hours for completion.  After the process the patients can rearrange their self confidence that they lose before due to odd shape of labia. Women through are feeling uneasy during their sexual intercourse and required to solve the problem has suitable candidate for the process.

How is Labiaplasty Thailand been carried out?

Most common Labiaplasty Thailand treatments are:

* Amputation: Original method to carry out the labiaplasty Thailand is the direct amputation of required sections that are followed by the suturing. Disadvantages to procedure include risk of the disfiguration losing natural shape of genitalia, nerve damage, as well as changes in the color.

* Central Wedge Resection: More of modern treatment is carried out just by removing the wedge of tissue from center of labia with laser. This kind of the labiaplasty Thailand  carries very less risk than amputation treatment but might still cause the nerve damage.

* De-epithelialization: The de-epithelialisation removes outer most layers of the tissue with scalpel and laser. The labiaplasty technique also causes very less bleeding.

Duration of the procedure or surgery:

Labiaplasty Thailand treatment takes over 1 hour.

Days admitted:

None. The patients return to home on same day as the surgery.


Labiaplasty Thailand is been carried out under the local anesthesia and general anesthesia, that depends on surgeon´s preference & whether other treatments are carried out at a same time.


The patients normally return to the work & normal activity after 3 to 4 days of the rest. – Swelling from labiaplasty can disappear in over 2 – 6 weeks, that depends on patient.


Labiaplasty Thailand is the straightforward treatment but, with all the surgery, that carries a few risks. Risks include: – Infection. – Bleeding. – Scar tissue made after labiaplasty Thailand may cause pain and complications in the childbirth. – Asymmetrical results as well as need for the further surgery. – Nerve damage. – The disfigurement of labial border (common with amputation technique).

After care:

– Avoid making use of tampons & wearing the tight clothing until labiaplasty Thailand has healed.

– Refrain from the sexual activity for 4 weeks.

– Make use of pain medication for relieving discomfort during initial recovery.

– Clean area with the hydrogen peroxide & apply antibiotic cream.

Labiaplasty Thailand – Much Essential To Rearrange Self Confidence!